"What a fantastic find! We shall be back!"
Jeff , Theresa & children

The Farm

The farm has over 8000 cacao trees, about 1000 coffee bushes and a variety of other fruit trees for use in the restaurant and also to attract birds.  As members of the Toledo Cacao Growers Association we are committed to organic farming practices, so that all produce we grow for the restaurant is also wholly organic

Chocolate tours can be arranged - once you have tasted real chocolate you will know why it is called the food of the gods.  Learn about the harvesting, fermenting and drying process and then see how authentic Mayan chocolate is ground on a stone matate into a paste, add sweetener to taste and enjoy.. 

Visit our newly established permaculture garden where a variety of herbs and vegetables are cultivated for the restaurant kitchen and relax on one of the rustic benches in this garden to watch the hummingbirds, flycatchers and vireos go about their daily business.

Our small flock of layer chickens provides eggs for the restaurant, and all the other domestic fowl encountered around the farm area are pets, so not destined for the  pot. A variety of medicinal plants grown on site or occurring naturally in the jungle are also used for herbal teas.

We are committed to ecologically friendly practices in all aspects of the farm and the inn.  Solar power is used in preference to generator power whenever possible;  every tree cut down is replaced by hundreds more; we hire our staff from nearby villages;
all living creatures are treated with respect and care - we strive to keep our footprint very, very small.

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