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Toledo District

The Toledo District is the least developed region of Belize. The earliest known inhabitants of southern Belize were the ancient Maya. Great Maya cities and ceremonial centers grew and flourished throughout the region. Toledo District allows the visitor to experience the indigenous Mayan culture and way of life.

Villages are comprised of mostly small thatch houses with very few, if any, luxury amenities.  Many villagers still live off the land and proudly continue the traditions of their ancestors. A local elder leading a horse piled high with bags of freshly picked corn or a hunter returning home with his hunting bounty of the day, machete and shotgun slung over his shoulder, is a common sight along the road leading to The Farm Inn.  Women take their laundry to the river to wash and in the late afternoon the families enjoy their daily bath in the rivers too. It is a simple, unsophisticated life and the natural diversity of the land has been preserved with relatively little modernization.  We are happy to say that one of the few modern innovations in the area is a paved road which has been under construction for some time now and which will eventually connect Belize with the Pan-American highway near Jalacte in the west. 

Education is an important aspect of life for the Mayan people and there are several junior  and high schools in the district as well as a technical college. A recently completed modern medical clinic near San Antonio village has provided much needed medical facilities which gives us and our guests the the secure knowledge that excellent medical assistance is on hand if it should be required. The clinic's emergency ward is superbly set up with state of the art equipment and there are always two doctors on hand, 24/7. 

Visitors driving through Toledo will encounter several small shops with the tell-tale "Coca Cola" or Belikin Beer signs - they are well worth stopping in to see the extraordinary array of goods on sale -from dress making material to old fashioned wash boards - you won't find any shopping malls or office blocks in this rural countryside. Each village is managed by a village chairman and Alcade and a group of council members. Village elections are held every two years. 

Punta Gorda is the largest town in the Toledo District. Street markets, Chinese supermarkets and an abundance of interesting small shops provide fresh produce and basic needs.  The hustle and bustle in Punta Gorda is an exhilirating experience and an absolute must during a visit to Toledo.  Here you can also take a ferry to Guatemala.

But the jungle rules in Toledo, and even close to Punta Gorda, if you stop along the highway near a hill covered with trees, you will hear the loud booming of howler monkeys making their way through the tree tops.  Large areas are protected reserves, challenging to get to and not for the faint-hearted, but extraordinarily rewarding for the adventurous traveller.

Toledo has many surprises in store for visitors. Make sure that this beautiful district is on your Belize itinerary.

The Farm Inn is situated 2 miles west of the village of San Antonio on the Southern Highway, Toledo District in southern Belize. 

 Travel options to The Farm Inn

By air - Tropic Air has daily flights between Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City and Punta Gorda.  Daily flights are also available from Belize City Municipal Airport, Dangriga and Placencia.  Tropic Air also has flights between Cancun and Belize, as well as other international flights.   Contact us to enquire about schedules and prices.

By bus - Various bus services travel to and from Punta Gorda daily - the Jalacte bus passes right by the entrance to The Farm Inn. Contact us for a schedule.

By ferry - Several ferries run daily between Puerto Barrios and Punta Gorda and twice a week out of Livingston to Punta Gorda. Contact us for a time schedule. 

By road - From Belize City via the scenic Hummingbird Highway to the Southern Highway. Contact us for directions.
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