Welcome to The Farm Inn Belize, a family run inn and restaurant located on a 52 acre cacao farm and bird watchers' paradise situated in the dense rainforest of the beautiful Toledo District of Southern Belize.

Aldous Huxley famously said: "If the world had any ends British Honduras would be one of them.  It's not on the way from anywhere  to anywhere else."  Not quite true 80 years later, but it is still a country which celebrates its difference against a backdrop of more developed Hispanic Central America.  Change has happened slowly and gently and nowhere is this more apparent than in the deep South.  Here the jungle still flourishes and reluctantly reveals secret ruins and hidden caves to entice the adventurous traveller to explore off the beaten track.
If you wish to experience the magic of nature in comfort combined with personalised service, The Farm Inn is your perfect choice as a base for exploration.

 The Farm Inn, San Antonio - Santa Cruz Road, PuntaGorda, Toledo District, Belize, 501 7324781
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