"We have loved every minute of our stay-everything was more and better than we had ever imagined. "
Stefan & Sara
New York

About us


The Farm Inn owners and staff respect nature and try to keep activities on the farm as unintrusive as possible. No hunting, logging or other invasive activities are permitted on the property and every possible effort is made by us all to uphold and maintain this approach.  Organic and sustainable farming procedures are followed and where possible recycling of  waste material is utilised.  Solar power is used in both the guest and public areas but is augmented by generator power for increased use.

As a business concern we support and uphold the neighbouring communities and make every possible effort to train, service and assist the people of nearby San Antonio village wherever we can by providing jobs, sponsorships and ongoing support for many village projects and needs.

We love our dogs and don't keep them tied up, so the four big dogs always beat us out into the parking area to welcome guests.  They can be a bit intimidating but if you wait in your car, we'll be there soon enough to greet you and control the welcoming committee!  They love accompanying guests on walks around the property and more than once have led lost hikers back to the restaurant.

The vibe is easy-going and relaxed; we want you to enjoy your holiday and leave refreshed and revitalized. With a great deal of the restaurant cooking being done over an open fire in the bar area, it's a popular gathering  place for swapping stories and spinning yarns, making new friends and learning about entirely different cultures from all over the world.  We sailed across the Atlantic in a small yacht with our children and have applied many of the lessons learned during16 years of sailing life when we took up homesteading in the jungles of Belize. 
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